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Gardening Money

Gardening Money

Gardening money is money you make from your gardening hobby. Most of the time it’s easy money. Gardening money can come from many different sources. Gardening money could come from selling vegetables, vegetable starts, water plants, bamboo, flowers and perennials. There are so many ways to make gardening money. One of my favorite ways to make gardening money is selling plants that spread. Plants that spread are like a potential gold mine. People love to buy plants and that is a fact and it always will be. For that reason making gardening money can be fairly simple. I mean you plant the seed, it grows, you sell. As simple as that. And it works for me just about every single day.

How To Make Gardening Money

Here is a simple but effective way to make you some gardening money. First get you some good vegetable seed. Then get some organic garden soil. Dig a small trench in the soil maybe an inch or so deep. Plant your seed and cover lightly. Water well. In just a couple of days to a couple of weeks your new plants will sprout. Add bottom heat to speed up the process. And it works. Once your plants have sprouted you will only have to make sure they stay moist. Then once your plants have at least 4 -6 leaves they can be sold. In a very short period of about 1 1/2 months to 2 months. You can sell these plants for a nice little profit. And really how much work have you put in? Very little. I would say this has to be one the quickest, easiest ways to make gardening money.

Make Gardening Money While You Sleep

If your products are listed on Amazon or Ebay or even just on your own website. You can make money while you sleep. And I did last night, while I slept I sold 3 orders. Now all I have to do is pack and ship them. As simple as that. Gardening money made while I sleep. And I am here to tell you that it sure feels good when you wake up and find money in your account. In fact there’s really no better feeling than that of knowing you make money even in your sleep. And once you have these steps in place you make money 24/7. Whether on vacation or out to dinner. When you put in the work, it will work for you. I am one of the most skeptical people you will ever meet. When I first started doing this kind of work I never believed it either. But 2 years later I am almost completely dependent on my own business and won’t be working for anyone but myself in the next year or two. it started out as just side work to make a little extra cash but it is turning into a full time business. Exactly what I hoped and dreamed for. Well hard work pays off. It started off a just a gardening business and now it  has expanded into a business that has bamboo products and landscaping services, bamboo removal services and website generation. It has become so much more. Because when people see you being successful they want to be a part of that or have their own business. That is where you can help them and get paid for your services. Whether it’s gardening money or helping someone with their website. I built my first website back in 2013 and I was off to the races. I now own and operate 27 websites that make me money while I sleep. Whether it is advertising on the websites for other companies such as Google and yahoo. Or selling my own products. It works and I am here to help. If you would like to have a website built for you. or you would like some help on your existing website contact me (859)242-1602 Jeff Gabelman and we can help you. My brother taught me how to do this stuff and he is good at it. I never dreamed I would be sitting here with 27 money making websites. But it is true. here is a link to one of my stores

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By Jeff Gabelman

postheadericon Rain Barrels to Survive Droughts

Rain Barrels are great for getting free water. If you’re a gardener that has an unlimited supply of water, consider yourself lucky. But if you catch the rain in your rain barrels you can use as much as you catch. I have about 9 rain barrels set up so I never run out of fresh rain water from the rain barrels.

There are many of us who live in drought zones where the laws only allow us to use so many gallons of water a day.

Some garden and lawn watering rules are very restrictive to the healthy growth
of gardens and plants. Many people just give up when they find out how few
gallons of water they are permitted to use, but some of us have just found
ways to cope with less water. There are many ways to optimize ones garden
to conserve water while still keeping it lush. Rain barrels can put an end to this restriction.

Some of the ways include drip irrigation (the use of a pipe or hose with
small holes to gradually seep into the roots of the plant). The placement
of plants in groups of equal watering needs (to prevent wasting water on
plants that don’t need it). And using compost or mulch to insulate the
water and prevent drainage. With 9 rain barrels I don’t really have to worry about all of this.

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels in the backround

Prepare For The Worst

But one of the best ways to keep your garden alive during a drought is to
take preventative measures. Occasionally a drought will be predicted far
in advance. Or those already experiencing a drought will be given a few
weeks of heavy rain. When this occurs, you should take the opportunity to
set up several rain barrels. Many people think this would be a time
consuming, silly thing to do. But rain barrels can save you many gallons of water,
and hardly requires any work.

Finding the rain barrels will probably be the hardest part. You can use your
own garbage cans, or head to your home improvement store to get a few 55
gallon plastic drums. These can be expensive and difficult to transport.
So keep that in mind before you go to the store. You will probably want to
cover the top of the rain barrels with a screen of some sort to filter out any
unwanted leaves or debris that might fall off the roof of your house.

Location, Location, Location

Once you have your rain barrels ready, you’re faced with the decision of where
to place them. Usually during rainfall, there is one corner or segment of
the house that rain tends to pour off of. If you are taking the simple
approach to barrel placement, just place the rain barrels under all the places
where you see large amounts of drips. However, while this might be the
easiest way to place them, you won’t see very high volumes of rain in the
rain barrels.

If you want to take a more complicated approach to placing the rain barrels,
you should consider tweaking your gutter system a bit. If you remove each
individual segment and place it at a very slight slant so that all the
water is diverted to the nearest corner of the house, you can place a rain
barrel at each corner. So essentially your entire house acts as a catcher
for the rain, instead of just a few feet worth of shingles. This is how to
maximize the amount of water your rain barrels will catch.

After a heavy rainfall, each individual barrel probably won’t see very
much rain. If it looks like it won’t be raining more any time soon, it’s a
good idea to empty each barrel into one main central barrel. Seal it and
save it out of the way, for whenever you may need it. Then the next time
it starts to rain, you’ll be able to quickly put all your catching barrels
into place without having to lug around all the water you’ve accumulated
so far.

The use of rain barrels might sound like an antiquated idea. However,
when you’re in the midst of a drought and you’re able to spare that extra
couple of gallons for your garden in addition the city allotment, you’ll
be grateful for every bit of time and money you spent on collecting all
that rain. All it takes is a few trips out in the backyard every time it
starts to sprinkle, and you’ll be a very happy gardener when water isn’t
so abundant. Build your rain barrels and catch all the water you want or need. I use my rain barrels to water the plants in the greenhouse. Check out my new store

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Greenhouse gardening is a great way for gardeners like me to get through the winter. Growing winter crops in there keeps me from going stir crazy. When I can’t garden outdoors. I started some garlic to grow through the winter. Plus I keep it warmer in there than outside so. It just keeps on growing without getting stunted by the cold. Well I planted the bulbs about a month and a half ago. And they are doing great. About 12 inches tall and growing like crazy. I’m really happy with the progress. I’ve only watered them about 3 times so far.

Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse Gardening

Needless to say they are very easy to grow. I mean very easy to grow. So easy in fact that next year I’m going to go crazy and start growing commercially. I mean this is another one of those set it and forget it plants. That makes you tons of money.

Greenhouse Gardening Reap What You Sow

When it comes harvest time I think I’m going to replant all of these back and really grow my business. What’s great about it is I got the original bulbs for about $5 to $6. I have 70 plants growing. Each bulb has from 6-10 bulbets x 70. I’m gonna  have a nice crop next year. I already know I gotta finish the other half of my greenhouse. I started adding on and never finished it. But seeing how easy this is to grow I know I could do so much more. I actually wish I would have planted more now. But I wanted to start small in case they took a lot of care. I wish I’d have known how easy it was.

Greenhouse Gardening Rotating Your Crops

Always rotate your crops when you garden in the greenhouse and outdoors. The soil gets depleted of the nutrients the plants you’re growing use. Perfect example is tomatoes. If you grow tomatoes in the same spot every year they will start suffering in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. Tomatoes use up the nitrogen in the soil fast. Once the nitrogen is gone the tomatoes will suffer. So always rotate your crops to keep this from happening. For More Info Keep Reading.


postheadericon Planting Tomatoes

Planting Tomatoes Fun And Easy

Planting Tomatoes

Planting Tomatoes

Planting Tomatoes is one of my all time  favourite  gardening things. It assures me that I will have ripe juicy tomatoes that will make my mouth water just thinking about it. And my tomatoes will last long into the fall and winter months,  because I grow them in my greenhouse. I used to grow outdoors but the animals have forced me to grow in the greenhouse so i actually get to eat some of the fruits of my labour.

Planting tomatoes at the right time of the year is a touchy subject plant too early and the get damaged by frost, plant too late and you’ll have a short growing season and less fruit. So with the greenhouse I don’t have either one of these issues. I can plant them at least a month sooner than I would out doors sometimes 2 or 3 months sooner depending on the weather that particular year. Mild winters allow for a lot sooner planting.

Planting Tomatoes Start With Good Seed

When planting tomatoes I always start with good quality seeds either heirloom or seed from the previous years crop. I grow all organic and I water with rain water from my rain barrels I have several. This saves me a lot of money on watering the plants. Once the seeds have sprouted and get about four to five sets of leaves I then transplant the best ones to their new home. I use bottom heat to start the seeds. What this does is makes them germinate faster and build a very strong root base which is essential to the growth of a new plant. It will also help in the transplanting process.

I then take the unused plants and put them up for sale. I always sell all of my leftover tomato plants. You would be surprised at how far people will drive to get organically grown tomato starts. I never have a problem getting rid of all the leftovers and people will even come back the next year and buy more.  With just a little more effort it’s easy to make money gardening.  So Planting tomatoes is just another way to add a little extra income. If you sell your produce you can make even more. Check out my new sites or or or                               

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